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Company Profile

About AirHop Communications

AirHop is a leader in Self Organizing Network (SON) solutions for dynamic resource optimization and QoS/QoE management of heterogeneous wireless networks. AirHop is the first company to combine real-time SON features with traditional SON functionality featuring coordination of time and frequency resources, providing dynamic interference management. AirHop’s eSON™ technology offers a complete SON solution with a flexible deployment architecture, scalable software platform and algorithms, comprehensive APIs for multi-vendor support, and readiness to extend support into new technologies such as Cloud-RAN and NFV.

eSON is designed to provide wireless operators CAPEX, IMPEX and OPEX savings through automated real-time network management. eSON provides coordinated optimization across small cell layers and between small cells and macro-cells featuring automated network deployment, automated configuration and management in addition to optimization of the network resources. Operators are able to significantly improve the user experience on their network with 70% faster throughput and mobile robustness optimization. eSON also delivers cost efficiency in network management including improved capacity up to 2X using existing RAN assets.

eSON’s established multi-vendor ecosystem allows operators to quickly deploy interference management and capacity optimization across their HetNet. AirHop leverages eSON’s flexible architecture and cloud capabilities to partner with HetNet suppliers of small cells, pico cell and macro cells to quickly deploy advanced SON features.

eSON is revolutionary because it solves the RAN gap problem by enabling the deployment of unplanned small cells with not only automated configuration and maintenance, but also dynamic run-time optimization. By using eSON, networks can achieve exceptional performance of 3G and 4G deployments without traditional network planning.

AirHop envisions the application of eSON for in both today’s HetNet environment and in future wireless networks supporting Iot, 5G, DoD, Public Safety application.


AirHop has a strong technical team, many with advance technical degrees. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California.


AirHop Communications was founded in 2007 by leading experts in the wireless and communication industries. The team’s shared vision is to transform complex and dynamic information available across the wireless network into powerful yet easy to use solutions to automate network deployment, dynamically optimize network resources and capabilities, and improve the user experience.


AirHop’s products are designed to deliver and accelerate the deployment of intelligent SON solution for advanced wireless networks that dynamically manage interference and optimize capacity in wireless HetNets. AirHop solutions include:

eSON™ Intelligent HetNet Solution: eSON combines multi-tier coordinated real-time SON optimization of available radio resources with traditional SON automation to provide operators a complete HetNet solution. Learn more about eSON.

eSONify™ Partner Program: eSONify enables wireless carriers, technology supplier and research organizations to integrate, certify and inter-operate with eSON. Learn more about eSONify.



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